Digital Radiography

Diagnostic tools such as blood work analyzers and radiography (x-ray) units are critical for veterinary clinics, due to the fact that our pets are unable to communicate what is wrong when they have a problem. This fact has led our veterinarians to invest in the most advanced x-ray unit available in veterinary medicine, a digital radiography unit. Belle Chasse Veterinary Clinic serves the veterinary diagnostic needs of the animals in the Belle Chasse, Terrytown, and Gretna areas of Louisiana, and is pleased to offer our digital radiography system for our clients.

What makes digital radiography better than older film units?

The two most important advantages of the digital system at Belle Chasse Veterinary Clinic are the speed and quality of the images. Older x-ray units require film that can take up to fifteen minutes to develop. Our digital system produces images in three to five seconds, meaning our doctors can begin treatment right away if necessary. Clear images are also extremely important, and the digital system at our practice generates sharp pictures that can be manipulated and contrasted, as well as emailed to specialists if necessary. Finally, our digital radiography unit requires no chemicals to process images, unlike older film units.

What issues can be diagnosed using digital radiography?

Digital x-rays may be ordered by our veterinarians to aid in (but are not limited to) the following:

  • •Diagnosing fractures
  • •Locating foreign bodies
  • •Discovering masses such as tumors
  • •Measuring organ size for disease
  • •Diagnosing pneumonia
  • •Discovering pregnancies

At Belle Chasse Veterinary Clinic, we understand that you have a choice about where you bring your pet to receive healthcare. Our clinic has compassionate, experienced veterinarians, as well as the latest technology available, and we will bring this quality care to your pet as well.