Belle Chasse Veterinary Clinic offers a complete veterinary pharmacy to serve our clients in the Belle Chasse, Gretna, and Terrytown areas. Our broad range of products ensures that you will have exactly what you need for your pet when you get home. Your pet has the benefit of beginning treatment right away, and you don’t have to make another stop, or wait for medication to arrive in the mail.

Many online pharmacies do not have the guarantee from the manufacturer of the products they sell. Most internet sources of pet medication do not buy their medications directly from the maker of the products, so the manufacturer does not know if the product has been properly handled and stored. Our products are received straight from the manufacturer or authorized distributor, so the safety and efficacy of our medicine is warranted.

Were you aware that there have been recent cases of counterfeit veterinary products sold both online, as well as in retail outlets? Counterfeit products may not perform as the actual product would, and they may actually cause harm to animals. Avoid the uncertainty of purchasing products for your pet companion by purchasing from a pharmacy you trust. The prices of our drugs, medications, and preventatives are often the same or even less than online stores. There are no hidden shipping charges when your products are purchased at our clinic, and many manufacturers offer rebates and free doses which are not available online.

You want the best for your pet, so buy products you know you can trust at a competitive price from Belle Chasse Veterinary Clinic. Please call one of our caring professionals and become a part of our pet family today!